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Back To School – Student Self Care and the 3 B’s

Happy first week back to school! I’ve been greatly enjoying the kid school pics hitting my facebook homepage (bonus points for the kids rocking their own style… especially if it’s rainbow glitter) and the eclectic array of coloured pens, pencils, … Continue reading

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The Art of Scheduling – An Organized Mind leads to An Organized Life  

Scheduling is a way to evoke order and calm in your everyday life.  It gives balance and structure, which we need to operate fully physically and mental-emotionally.  Even in infancy schedules are imprutnent to life.  Babies feel best when they … Continue reading

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Kids and Colours – Using Colour as a Therapeutic Tool Back to School

One of my favourite things in this world is colour.  All colours, in different vibrancies, hues, shapes and shimmer.  As a kid I would marvel at all the different back to school products.  Excited by my purchases of bright geometric … Continue reading

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Five Back to School Tips We Do For Our Kids That We Should Do Ourselves.

It’s that time again! It’s time to make lunches, pack snacks, and get back into the routine of taking your kids, or yourself, to school.  Reading the multitude of back to school advice for kids this week, I realized that … Continue reading

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Back to a Healthy Routine!

It’s that time of year again!  Days are slowly getting shorter, weather is getting a bit cooler, and the school year is quickly approaching on the horizon.  The best “Back to School” (or even back to work) preparation you can … Continue reading

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Food for thought – back to school nutrition

Time has come again for studying, textbooks, recess and packed lunches. When it comes to learning and forming new memories, proper nourishment with the right healthy foods is essential. Below are some important tips regarding your child’s nutrition for the … Continue reading

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