“Virgo – is the Archetype of the Healer, the Medicine Woman, the one who is dedicated to servicing her people.  And yet, there always comes a time when even she must retreat and give some of that healing to herself.  Her connection to source is strengthened when she goes within… She allows herself the time she needs to heal”


I found this beautiful quote while reading MysticMamma’s lovely blog on the new moon in September.  This quote as a health care practitioner, a medicine woman, and a healer/care taker archetype really resonated with me.  I completely understand and respect if you don’t believe in astrology (as a young scientist I had difficulties with the concept as well).  However, I find that every new and full moons have associated “themes”, just like people have themes in their life, and they seem to coordinate together.  For example, a subset of my friend group would text me about the same subject all within the same day and after reading other blogs find that it’s the same subject or theme reflected in recent astrology.  This has happened numerous times, hence I now pay closer attention to universal themes to prepare me for the conversations I’ll be having with friends and patients.  It’s a tool, amongst many, that helps with counseling and mindfulness.

The “theme” this September new moon (also the Equinox upcoming), is self-care.  It makes sense as we come to Autumn it’s all about abundance and coveting resources to prepare for winter’s harsh lessons.  Self care is so important.  Usually those whom take care of others (care takers, mother’s, healers, health care practitioners) are so focused on others and their healing that they neglect themselves.  We need balance in life.  That means stress with rest, movement with meditation, and helping others with helping ourselves.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, everything crumbles, and we feel stuck, frustrated, fatigued, and unable to function.  Our gifts can only shine when they are polished.  We have to care for ourselves to care for others (remember – mother does not mean martyr….. serving others does not mean sacrificing yourself!).

So how do we care for ourselves?  We need calm, we need ground, we need rest, we need nourishment.  Nourish our bodies, our minds, our souls.  Reconnect with source means reconnect with nature.  Take a “nature break”!  Go outside!  See the beauty around you to see the beauty within you.  We need time to heal.  And we deserve that rest and restoration to evoke our own inner healing.

Happy healing everyone!


About healthyhappynaturopathy

I am a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor working in Newmarket and Maple, Ontario I am an advocate of individualized and specialized medicine, about treating individuals as a whole, and evoking our own healing properties. To me, being happy is being healthy, and health flourishes with a positive mindset.
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