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The Universal Lesson in Minimalism I Learned from my Shattered Mug

As you may have read from my previous blog, I embarked on a self care journey the beginning of this month for 14 days.  The goal was to take care of my four health basics related to the four basic elements (nutrition … Continue reading

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Silence is Louder – Listen to the Unspoken Words of our Youth

There are many unspoken biases in our society – gender, race, religion, sexuality, etc.  One common bias, almost socially accepted, is age.  How many times were you told “You are too young to understand.”, “You don’t know anything at your … Continue reading


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Heart Awareness – Inside and Out

February is heart awareness month, as heart disease is the leading chronic disease across both genders.  When I think of heart disease, I think of both physical and mental-emotional parameters.  Lifestyle and nutrition are incredibly important, the heart needs movement … Continue reading

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