Theme of the year – the big “C” – Communication

So we survived 2012 and also 21/21/12…. which of course we would…. and where 2012 was a year of endings (and a difficult year for most), 2013 is a prospective year of beginnings and endeavours.   It’s also the year of relationship, business ventures, and individual growth.  The glowing theme of this year is “Communication”.

Communication comes from the root community and unification – so communication unifies and unities our community (and our relationships, and ourselves).  Let’s talk a bit about community and its importance.  I recently read Malcom Gladwell’s latest book (the Outliers), and oddly enough the most important part about the book was in the forward (but still, an amazing book).  He retold a study done in Rosetto, NY (a small town founded by italian immigrants).  People in this town had high life expectancies and low incidence of heart disease (an oddity in this world, now that is).  The reason why?  It wasn’t environment (their health was much better than surrounding New Yorkers), and it wasn’t genetics (their health was much better compared to italians in Rosetto italy), it was the fact that they were a small-knit community.  Community was the missing link.  Our social network, our connections, our interactions (ie. communication) is just as an important factor in determining health as genetics and environment.  Another study just released also showed a positive correlation between teenagers whom perform community service and their grades/self esteem.  Biochemically it makes sense – cells communicate with each other in order to perform difficult physical and mental tasks.  Psychologically it makes sense – we feel better and more connected when we are heard.

Think about most of the problems, arguments or low moods you’ve experienced? A majority come from miscommunication (or in some case no communication, then you personalize, and fall into a deep self pitying spiral).  Relationship (whether familial, friendly or romantic) are based on communication and both parties “resonating” with each other (through communicating).  Our relationship we ourselves deepen when we listen to and communicate with ourselves in every level (mind, body, spirit, and beyond).

So why don’t we communicate more if it’s so positive towards ourselves, our relationships, and the surrounding community.  Because of fear.  It’s always fear that stops us (either of embarrassment, avoiding truth, guilt, preserving others feelings, etc.).  Fears are usually deep routed though and tell us more about ourselves and what we need to work on.  So listen to your fear and listen to yourself (and grow from it).

Long blog entry short, what should we take from this?  Be honest with yourself and others.  Communicate and be active.  Express yourselves – either through words, art, dance, music, song, glitter, sandbox…..whatever your medium!  Be part of your community and be involved.  Also, communication isn’t positive nor negative, it just is (and no, hurling insults and spewing bitterness is not communication, it’s noise from a wounded soul, requiring much introspective thinking and interflection).  Also, If you are hurting and need to talk to someone, please do (you don’t appear a “stronger person” holding those feelings in, and you aren’t bothering someone by talking to them about how you feel).  And if you see or feel that someone else is hurting, talk to them.

We are all one big community – actively participate in unifying it.

About healthyhappynaturopathy

I am a board certified and licensed Naturopathic Doctor working in Newmarket and Maple, Ontario I am an advocate of individualized and specialized medicine, about treating individuals as a whole, and evoking our own healing properties. To me, being happy is being healthy, and health flourishes with a positive mindset.
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